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Surprise Chicken Coop

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By Barb

Surprise Chicken Coop

What I Did:

My husband surprised me with a chicken coop for Christmas! Almost all made from recycled materials, it was a project that took him about a week (since he was doing it secretly). He found wood, the nesting boxes were a bookcase and stereo shelves, he found chicken wire, baby gates, pallets and even put in a feeding window!

How I Did It:

He raised the base on pallets and roamed the neighborhood finding chicken wire, wood, baby gates and other necessary items to put it together. The nesting boxes inside are stero shelves and bookshelf found on the side of the road for city pickup and recycled for our chickens. Only thing he bought was the warming light and water dish.

Lessons Learned

  • You don't have to spend alot or make anything fancy to have happy chickens that lay eggs!

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