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Small Farms: Most Popular Articles

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Want to Raise Your Own Chickens? Here's What...
Ready to raise your own chickens on your small farm for delicious eggs, meat, or just for pets? Everything you need to know to raise and keep chickens on your small farm or homestead is right here.
How to Make Your Own Chicken or Poultry Feed
Move toward greater self-sufficiency when you make your own chicken or other poultry feed on your small farm or homestead. This will get you started toward a custom mix that meets your needs for chicken feed and keeps your hens healthy.
Start a Small Farm Business Raising Chickens...
Learn how to sell chickens for meat on your small farm - start a great, profitable and fun chicken broiler business.
Where to Buy Baby Chicks for Your Small Farm
Ready to place your order for baby chicks for your small farm or homestead? Here's a list of the best places to order baby chicks, turkeys, ducks, geese, keets, and other poultry online.
Design Your Small Farm From the Ground Up
How to start your small farm. Design it and plan the first year: what animals to keep, what crops and vegetables to plant, and how to arrange buildings and gardens.
Will My Chickens Lay Eggs Without a Rooster?
You don't need a rooster for your hens to lay eggs. But, roosters can protect your flock from predators and other dangers.
How to Buy Honey Bees For Your Small Farm
Are you a beginning beekeeper who needs to buy package bees or nucs? Learn how and where to order and purchase honey bees online.
6 Essential Tips to Starting a Small Farm...
You may want to start a small farm business and be wondering where to begin. Let me guide you step by step through the process of starting your small farm business.
How to Find Funding for Your Small Farm Startup
Looking for grants, money, assistance or funding for your small-farm startup? We've gathered the best resources for you to find the grants you need.
Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Healthy...
With these handy tips, your laying hens will be happy and warm all winter long on your small farm.
The Care and Feeding of Goats on the Small Farm
Proper goat nutrition is key to keeping healthy, happy goats on the small farm, homestead or hobby farm. Learn all the basics of feeding goats properly.
The Important Difference Between Meat Birds and...
Ready to raise your own chickens for meat? Learn everything you need to know about how to raise meat birds from fluffy chicks to slaughtering and processing time.
10 Tips to Help You Build a Chicken Coop
Considering building your own chicken coop? These tips will help you create a chicken coop that will last for many years and keep your laying hens safe and happy.
How to Design and Build a Movable Chicken Coop
Learn how to build a simple chicken tractor or movable coop for your laying hens or meat birds.
Plan and Build the Coop That's Just Right for...
Plan to build, buy or repurpose a great chicken coop for your small farm laying hens or meat birds with these tips and suggestions.
Your Guide to Choosing Meat Goat Breeds for the...
Learn how to choose the best breeds of goats to raise for meat production on your small farm, homestead or hobby farm.
How to Raise Your Own Turkeys
Learn how to raise heritage or standard turkeys from day-old poults into delicious birds for the table - or as pets. From feeding and watering to how to range them, you'll find out everything you need to know about raising turkeys.
Get Started Raising Meat Goats: 5 Crucial...
Wondering whether raising meat goats is right for your small farm, homestead or hobby farm? Learn the basics of raising goats for meat to help you decide.
Raising Baby Chicks to Laying Hens
Before your chicks arrive in the mail, make sure you have all the supplies you will need for them.
Starting an Egg Business? 8 Things to Consider
Learn how to start an egg business on your small farm.
How to Clean Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs
Learn all about how to clean your chicken eggs so that they are safe and healthy for eating and selling to consumers.
5 Easy Animals to Raise on the Small Farm
Wondering what are the five easiest animals for the beginning small farmer, homesteader or hobby farmer? Here are my choices.
Want to Be a Backyard Beekeeper? Here's How to...
If you're ready to start beekeeping, you've come to the right place. Learn how to set up your hive, how to buy honey bees, and what supplies you need to keep bees.
Must-Know Tips for Housing and Fencing Goats on...
The basics of providing shelter, housing and fencing for your small farm goat operation.
5 Ways to Make Nest Boxes Appealing to Hens
Do your chickens lay their eggs everywhere but in the nest boxes? These tips will have you collecting fresh, clean eggs out of the nest boxes in no time.
Want to Raise Goats? Read This First
If you know how to raise goats, they can make a great addition to the small farm or homestead. The basics are here to help you get started.
10 Things to Know Before Starting a Hobby Farm
These tips will get you started on your hobby farm.
How to Gather, Clean, and Store Chicken Eggs
Learn how to properly collect, clean and store the eggs that your hens lay on your small farm, so you can sell them with confidence and know they are as safe as can be.
How to Write a Small Farm Business Plan
Overwhelmed at the thought of writing your small farm business plan? Not sure where to start? Learn the basic components to a small farm business plan so you can start writing one for your farm. Take it one step at a time!
What to Do if Chicken Eggs Freeze in the Coop
If it's wintertime, your chicken eggs might have frozen. Can you still use them?
A DIY Brooder for Happy Baby Chicks
A DIY brooder setup for your chicks is one of the simplest ways to save money while raising chickens. Get some ideas for what to use for a safe, comfortable brooder - including heat lamps, waterers and feeders, bedding and temperature monitoring.
The Beginner's Guide to Choosing Chicken Breeds
Learn how to choose chicken breeds for your small farm laying hen or meat bird flock.
How to Process Chicken for Meat: Step by Step...
This tutorial shows you how to process your own chickens for meat. The first step is to have your processing station set up. Here's what you will need.
How to Keep Your Hens Laying All Winter Long
Keep your hens happy and warm in their chicken coop through the winter on the small farm with this winter preparation checklist.
6 Common Poultry Health Problems (and How to...
Here you will learn about the common problems and diseases you may encounter keeping chickens on your small farm -- and what to do about them.
All about Raising Sheep on a Small Farm
Raising sheep and lambs can be intimidating when you don't know where to begin. Learn the basics here so you can have happy, healthy ewes, rams and lambs.
Cultivate Your Land for Farming
Preparing your land for farming requires testing your soil, improving it, tilling and cultivating the soil, buying fencing and preparing the land for planting.
The Beginner's Guide to Making Maple Syrup
Learn how to make maple syrup, a process known as sugaring, on your small farm.
Free Chicken Coop Plans for the Small Farm
Find free chicken coop and chicken tractor plans here. Links to free plans for coops that are geared toward the small farmer and hobby farmer.
Free Barn and Shed Plans for the Small Farm
Find resources for free and low-cost barn and shed plans perfect for the small farm, homestead and hobby farm. Livestock housing, equipment storage and more.
Buying Bees - Ordering Package Bees
Are you a beginning beekeeper who needs bees? Learn how and where to order honey bees online.
Which Breed of Chicken is Best for Your Farm or...
Once you've decided to keep chickens, you need to pick from over a hundred possible chicken breeds to find the one that is right for your farm or homestead's needs. This handy list will help you pick a dual-purpose breed that is a good fit.
How to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Flock of...
Daily, weekly and monthly chores help care for your chickens day to day. Learn how to maintain a healthy, happy flock of laying hens.
Everything You Need to Take Care of Honey Bees
These are the beekeeping supplies you'll need to get started as a beginning beekeeper.
What to Do if Your Chickens Are Eating Their Eggs
Have a problem with egg eating among your laying hens? Learn these crucial tips to stop your chickens from eating their own eggs. Your investment in those hens will pay off with fresh, delicious eggs that you get to eat instead of your hens!
How to Make Your Own Kombucha
Take delicious homemade kombucha and add carbonation, fizziness and flavors like raspberry, elderberry, ginger, lemon-ginger and more.
What to Do (and Not Do) with a Broody Hen
If you want to hatch chicks naturally with a broody hen from your own flock, these tips will help you maximize your success.
Tips and Tricks for Selling Produce at the...
Learn how to sell your small farm's produce, meat, eggs, dairy and poultry at the farmers market. What are the best strategies for success?
Top 10 Tips for Raising Goats
These tips will help you raise goats on your small farm more easily, efficiently, and enjoyably.
How to Give Your Hens Fresh Pasture All The Time
How to raise pastured poultry, or chickens on grass, on the small farm or homestead.
How to Buy Land for a Homestead or Small Farm
Ready to buy land for your dream homestead, small farm, or hobby farm? Learn how to find the land that is right for you.
What Is a Laying Hen?
What is a laying hen? Learn the definition for your small farm.
How to Hatch Chicks Naturally
You don't always need an incubator to hatch chicken eggs. Some hens take to the task of hatching baby chicks naturally, going broody on a clutch of eggs that you or she collects.
The Easy Way to Maintain a Clean-Smelling...
On your small farm, use a deep litter method to compost your pine shavings, straw or hay in place in your chicken coop and keep it smelling clean.
How to Choose the Right Fencing for Your Small...
An overview of the types of fence and fencing methods most commonly used on small farms today and why you'd choose a particular type of fence. Includes maintenance procedures for each option.
Raising Turkeys? A Guide to Housing and Fencing...
Learn how to build a great turkey house, turkey coop, or movable turkey shelter and how to fence turkeys to protect them from predators.
Types of Beehives - Langstroth Versus Top-Bar...
Can't decide which type of hive is best for your backyard beekeeping operation? We'll demystify the types of beehives and help you figure it out.
The Top 10 Books for Wanna-Be Farmers
This list of recommended books for small farms and homesteads makes a great start to your library.
Need a Goat or Two? Learn How to Buy Goats
Learn how to buy a goat or goats for your herd on the small farm, homestead, or hobby farm. Get started with keeping goats.
Help! What Should I Feed My Chickens?
If you're a small farmer getting started with keeping chickens, feed them right. Learn what chickens eat and what type of feed to give them.
Types of Commercial Chicken or Poultry Feed
Learn about the different types of poultry and chicken feed and when to use which one: chick starter, broiler rations, layer pellets and more.
The 7 Essential Parts of a DIY Beehive
Learn the parts of a beehive and how to assemble them into a beehive for beekeeping on the small farm.
How to Build or Buy a High Tunnel
A high tunnel, or unheated greenhouse, is a great way to expand your small farm to the shoulder seasons and to grow warm-climate crops such as tomatoes in northern climates. Learn why you might want to invest in a high tunnel and how to build or buy one.
Grow Great Garlic
Ever wondered: hardneck or softneck? How do I grow garlic? Can I sell it profitably as a crop on my small farm? Find out the answers to all your garlic growing questions.
Raising Healthy Turkeys from Poults: 6 Things...
Learn how to raise healthy, happy turkeys from day-old poults (baby turkeys).
Before You Build Raised Beds
Before you build raised beds, learn why you might want to use them, how many to build, what size to make them, what material to use, and what plants grow well in them.
10 Things to Know About Keeping Backyard Chickens
Many people successfully live in the city or suburbs and have a small flock of laying hens. These tips will keep your neighbors happy and avoid fines.
12 Animals That Prey on Backyard Chickens
It seems that more animals are after chickens and poultry than any other farm animal - so learn what predators put your chickens at risk and how to best protect them.
7 Essential Tools for Raising Baby Chicks
This list of supplies you'll need for your baby chicks will get them off to a great start.
Should You Raise Turkeys?
If you're thinking about raising turkeys on your small farm or homestead, you might want to read this first and find out whether raising and keeping a flock of turkeys - whether for meat, to breed, or both - is right for you.
Top Tips for a Successful Home Garden
Wondering how much to plant on your small farm to feed your family? Is 5 tomato plants enough, or would 15 be better? Get started planning your garden so that you have fresh, delicious produce for your family all year.
Best Small Farm Magazines
A collection of some of the best magazines about small farming, homesteading and self-sufficiency out there.
Starting Your Small Farm From Scratch
Start your small farm today with this helpful checklist to start farming from scratch.
How to Prepare Your Soil for Planting
Learn how to prepare your soil for planting: tillage methods from conventional to no-till to reduced tillage will be discussed. Whether you have a homestead, a tiny hobby farm or a small-scale farm, you'll find the right method for tilling your soil here.
How to Feed and Water Turkeys
If you're raising turkeys, figure out what are the best feeders and waterers are and what feed to use to get the biggest, healthiest turkeys.
How to Choose Pig Breeds
Learn how to pick a heritage breed of pig to raise on your small farm.
A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up A New Hive...
Beginning beekeeping can be fun and relatively easy if you're prepared. This step by step guide will help you set up your honey bees for success on the small farm.
How to Prepare the Soil for Growing Garlic
Learn how to prepare the soil to grow the biggest, best, most tasty garlic ever on your small farm, homestead or hobby farm.
Do I Need a Small Farm Business Plan?
Wondering if you need to write a small farm business plan? Find out whether you do and if so, how to write one. Even if you don't have to write one, you'll learn why it might be a good idea to go through the business plan writing process.
How to Build a Raised Bed - Build and Fill a...
Learn, step by step, how to build a raised bed to grow plants in. Grow strawberries, tomatoes, or any vegetable in a raised bed.
Goals for Raising Goats - Milk, Meat, Breed or...
Decide what your goals are for raising goats on your small farm, hobby farm or homestead: do you want to raise goats for milk, meat, show or to breed?
8 Common Diseases in Goats
Preventing goat diseases by keeping your goats healthy is definitely the first line of defense. You should also know about these when buying a goat.
Start Selling Your Chicken Eggs! Here's How.
Learn how to sell your homegrown, pastured chicken eggs from your small farm or homestead.
Get the Supplies You Need to Make Maple Syrup
This handy list breaks down all the supplies and equipment you need for hobby maple syrup production, or maple sugaring, on the small farm.
How to House and Fence Pigs
Learn how to house and fence your pigs properly on your small farm, homestead or hobby farm.
Where to Buy Turkey Poults
Ready to place your order for turkey poults for your small farm or homestead? Here's a list of the best places to order turkey poults online.
Beekeeping Supplies for Sale
Find out where to buy the beekeeping supplies you need for your new honey bees!
How to Keep Farm Records
Learn what farm records you need to keep and why: income tax returns, monitoring progress, meeting your small farm business plan, and allowing you to get small farm loans and grants.
How to Raise Dairy Goats for Milk
Learn the basics of keeping dairy goats for milk on the small farm, homestead or hobby farm. Is keeping milk goats right for you?
Supplies You Need for Keeping Chickens
Chickens don't need much to keep them happy and healthy. Learn what you need to buy to get started keeping chickens.
Light in the Chicken Coop
If winter has come and with it, egg production of your laying hens has slowed or stopped, learn how a supplemental lighting program can induce laying again.
How to Choose Animals and Crops to Raise on...
Pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, emu - it all seems overwhelming! How can you decide what you want to raise on your farm?
Beekeeping Tasks by Season
Learn what you need to do to keep your bees healthy and happy through the seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter beekeeping tasks.
Sell Your Small Farm Products to Food...
Selling your small farm products, like produce, directly to food distributors can be a great way to sell in volume and to expand your markets.
How to Keep Your Goats Healthy
Keeping your goats happy and healthy is key to success as a goat farmer, homesteader or hobby farmer. Learn how to know when they're sick and how to keep them from getting sick in the first place.
How to Start a Hobby Farm
Learn how to realize your dream of having your own hobby farm.
Should You Keep Bees?
Learn what you need to consider when deciding whether to keep bees in the city, country, on a small farm or homestead.
How to Maintain Your Farm Property
Your animals are all settled in, your garden is producing well, and you’re already thinking about next season’s improvements. But of course, you still need to maintain what you already have. With a little bit of attention and care, you can keep your farm infrastructure well-maintained and functioning smoothly.
How to Market Your Small Farm Products
If you're wondering where and how to market your small farm products, find out the best places: the farmers market, direct farm sales, community supported agriculture or CSA shares, and the Internet.
How to Plan Your First Year on Your Small Farm
You know where you want to end up in one year, or five years - with a successful small farm. How do you get there? I'll help you take your dreams and make them reality.
Free Chicken Tractor Plans for the Small Farm
Find free plans for low-cost chicken tractors - mobile chicken coops - for raising meat birds aka broilers on pasture on the small farm, hobby farm or homestead.
How to Pick a Management Method for Your Chickens
When it comes to housing your chickens, you have several different options for containment - everything from allowing them to range or roam freely, to having them contained within movable electric net fencing, to a traditional coop and run.
Going to Order Chicks from Murray McMurray?...
A review of Murray McMurray hatchery, one of the biggest baby chick suppliers in the United States.
Should You Raise Goats?
Wondering whether keeping goats on your small farm is right for you? These are the key questions to ask yourself if you're thinking of raising goats on a small farm, homestead, or hobby farm.
3 Types of Root Cellars and How to Build Them
Building a root cellar doesn't have to involve a backhoe. Learn some simple ways to store vegetables and crops for winter, and some guidelines for going big and digging one out of the earth.
How to Sell Small Farm Products Online
Learn the basics for how to take your small farm to the web and sell products - produce, value-added goods, and anything your farm crates - online.
How to Requeen a Honey Bee Hive
The first step in requeening a hive is knowing when to replace an ailing queen, or how to identify a queenless hive.
Should You Raise Chickens?
Wondering whether laying hens or chickens are the right choice for your small farm or homestead? Learn what's involved and what you should consider as you make your decision.
How to Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop
Keep your chickens safe from predators like weasels, raccoons, and even neighborhood dogs, in a predator-proof chicken coop.
How to Raise Goat Breeding Stock
Wondering whether keeping goats to raise for breeding stock on your small farm is right for you? These are the key questions to ask yourself if you're thinking of raising goats for breeding stock.
Build a Repurposed or Upcycled Chicken Coop
Find ideas and plans for chicken coops and tractors repurposed from trampolines, swingsets, pallets and more! Make your own chicken coop for your small farm.
What Do I Do With This Broody Hen?
Laying hens sometimes go broody, trying to hatch a clutch of eggs. Learn what to do to break up your broody hen or to help her hatch her chicks.
How do I start a small farm business?
How do I start a small farm business?
How to Slaughter and Process Turkeys on the...
Learn the steps so you can slaughter and process your own heritage turkeys on your small farm or homestead, whether for your small farm business or just for the Thanksgiving table.
Seed Suppliers and Seed Catalogs for Small...
Learn where to buy the best seeds and garden supplies for your small farm and homestead. Use this list of seed suppliers and seed catalogs for your farm and garden planning.
How to Grow and Harvest Dry Beans
Learn how to grow and harvest dry beans. Covers planting time, spacing, growing notes, pests and problems, maintenance, harvesting, seed saving, storage and preservation.
Watering Chickens: Must-Know Facts and Tips
Learn about the different types of chicken waterers and how to water your chickens or laying flock on the small farm or homestead. Keep water from freezing in winter and keep your hens' water clean and fresh.
Benefits of Raising Goats
Learn why goats are such a great animal for the small farm or homestead.
All About the Orpington Chicken Breed
Learn all about why to choose one chicken breed over another with this breed profile of Orpingtons, a dual-purpose chicken for meat and eggs.
Choosing Your Dairy Goat Breed
If you're starting a dairy goat business on your small farm, you'll want to know how to choose the breed that meets your needs.
Supplement Your Chickens' Feed With These Tasty...
When you feed chickens a commercial chicken feed, you will probably still want to include treats or other supplements - such as oyster shells for calcium - they may need.
How to Build Raised Beds
A complete guide to building your own raised beds for small farming, homesteading and hobby farming intensive growing methods.
What Animals Should I Raise?
If you're just starting your small farm or homestead, figure out what animal breeds - from chickens to goats - are a good fit for your goals and plans.
How to Choose Turkey Breeds
Trying to decide what breed of turkey to raise on your small farm? Learn the most common heritage breeds and the pros and cons of each one to help you choose.
How to Make Your Own DIY Seed Starting Mix
Learn how to create your own recipe for a seed starting mix for growing your own plants from seed. It is easy to do and will save you money on your small farm, hobby farm or homestead.
All About the Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed
Choosing a chicken breed for your small farm? Consider the Rhode Island Red, a dual-purpose chicken for meat and eggs, and a stellar egg-producer.
What is a Warré Hive?
Learn about the Warré hive, which is a type of beehive used in natural, foundationless beekeeping.
All About the Plymouth Rock or Barred Rock...
Choosing a chicken breed for your small farm? Learn more about Plymouth and Barred Rocks, a dual-purpose chicken for meat and eggs.
How to Raise Pigs on the Small Farm
Learn everything you need to know about how to raise pigs on the small farm, homestead or hobby farm.
How to Make a DIY Seed Starting Shelf
Learn how to make your own shelf for starting plants from seed indoors. Handy if you don't have a high tunnel or greenhouse but still need to start lots of plants for your small farm, hobby farm or homestead.
Is it safe to order baby chicks at an online...
Are you wondering if your precious new baby chicks will survive shipping from an online hatchery? I will address common concerns about shipping baby chicks.
Set Goals for Your Small Farm or Homestead
Not sure if you're in this to create a market garden, if you're trying to become self-sufficient, or if you're simply hobby farming for pleasure? Ask yourself these essential questions and figure out your overarching goals for your small farm.
Soil Improvement: The Key to Good Crops on the...
Learn about the different soil types, how to tell what type of soil you have, and the basics of amending your soil on the small farm.
Step by Step Guide to Home Brewing Kombucha
Learn how to home brew kombucha, a healthful fermented tea made with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast called a scoby.
Preventing Turkey Problems and Diseases
Learn how to prevent and treat problems and diseases in your turkey flock - including protecting them from predators.
Top 6 Backyard Chicken Breeds for the Small...
Wondering about the best breeds for your backyard flock? Hobby farmers and homesteaders will find the most reliable, gentlest, best chicken breeds here.
How to Make Elderberry Tincture
Learn how to make elderberry tincture - perfect for fighting winter viral infections from colds to flu - step by step with this tutorial.
Review of Baby Chicks from Freedom Ranger...
A review of Freedom Ranger Hatchery, which provides baby chicks for meat birds aka broilers that free range and pasture well.
How to Grow Onions on the Small Farm
Learn the tips and tricks to grow great onions on your small farm, homestead, or hobby farm.
How to Start Homesteading
Start homesteading, right now, even if you live in the city.
What Are the 5 Best Cover Crops for Your Small...
These are the top five cover crops for the small farmer looking to build soil fertility, improve soil structure, and helps suppress weeds.
Top 10 Tips for the Beginning Homesteader
Learn from those who have done it before and get some tips for starting your own homesteading adventure.
Nest Box - Definition of Nest Box
Wondering what a nest box is? Wonder no more; here's an explanation.
How to Start a Ginger Bug and Make Ginger Soda
Learn how to start a ginger bug, a natural soda starter that can be used to make delicious, healthful fizzy brews.
Grow Blueberries for a Small Farm U-Pick
Instructions and tips teach you how to grow blueberries on your small farm or to start a small farm business with pick-your-own blueberries.
Definition of Brooder
What do people mean when they say you need a chick brooder for your new chicks?
Tools for Fencing on the Farm
These are the basic tools you will need for putting up fencing on your small farm or homestead.
How to Feed and Water Pigs
Learn how to feed and water your pigs properly on your small farm, homestead or hobby farm.
How to Set Up and Move Electric Net Fencing
Learn how to set up and move electric net fencing on your small farm or homestead without getting it into a tangled mess!
How to Become a Farm Caretaker
Farm caretakers live on a farm in exchange for watching over its operations. Learn whether farm caretaking is the right choice for you.

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