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Reviews & Resources

I've tested and reviewed products and books and gathered the best resources on small farms and homesteads, here in one place.

Cooperative Extensions and Other Farmer Resources
Learn about your Cooperative Extension service, USDA grants and programs that may be available to you, and how to connect with resources in your area.

Seed Suppliers and Seed Catalogs for Small Farming
Learn where to buy the best seeds and garden supplies for your small farm and homestead. Use this list of seed suppliers and seed catalogs for your farm and garden planning.

Excalibur Food Dehydrator
A review of the Excalibur 3000 series food dehydrator.

Best Small Farm Magazines
Ready to curl up on the sofa and dig your teeth into some interesting and helpful magazines? We have collected the best small farming, homesteading, and self-sufficiency magazines for you to choose from. Well worth a look and if they match your needs and interests, a subscription!

Top 10 Best Gifts for the Farmer
Last-minute gift shopping? Have a farmer on your list? Check out these ideas for inspiration.

Top 10 Must-Read Small Farming and Homesteading Books
This list of recommended books for small farms and homesteads makes a great start to your library.

5 Great Books on Farming - Reviews of Books on Farming
This list of book reviews focuses on books on hobby farming, self-sufficiency, and beekeeping.

Find Grants, Money and Resources for Your Small Farm
Looking for grants or money to start your small farm? Look no further; we've gathered the best resources for you to find the grants you need.

SportDOG SportHunter 1225 Electronic Dog Training Collar Review
This is a review that looks at the features of the SportDOG SportHunter 1225 electronic dog training collar.

Review of The Happy Farmer Composting Kit
About.com's Guide to Organic Gardening, Colleen Vanderlinden, reviews this composting system that uses bokashi to compost kitchen waste.

Find Your Cooperative Extension Office
Cooperative Extension System Offices form a large, local and regional network of information and education in rural areas. Use this map to find where your nearest office is located.

Grants for Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) has grants available to farmers. Find out what's available, how to write a proposal, and where to send it.

USDA Programs and Resources for Small Farms
The USDA provides links to resources, programs and information that apply to small farms.

Mann Lake LTD Economy Bee Suit Review
A review of the Mann Lake LTD Economy bee suit - bee protective clothing for the beekeeper.

Book Review - Beekeeping for Dummies
Check out this book review of Beekeeping for Dummies by beekeeper Howland Blackiston.

Book Review - The Backyard Beekeeper
Check out this book review of The Backyard Beekeeper by beekeeper Kim Flottum.

Honey Bee Supplier Review - BeeWeaver Apiaries Review
A review of BeeWeaver Apiaries, a supplier of honey bees and queens.

Beehive Review - Rossman Apiaries Standard Beehive Review
A review of the standard Langstroth beehive from Rossman Apiaries.

Evans Cedar Beehive Review
A review of Evans Cedar Beehive, a Langstroth style hive for keeping honey bees.

Book Review of Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham
This is a book review of Mini Farming - Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett Markham, a great introduction to farming vegetables intensively as well as other aspects of running a small farm, such as preserving the harvest, raising chickens for eggs and meat, and more.

Book Review - Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills
A book review of Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, edited by Abigail R. Gehring, a comprehensive, 456-page guide to the traditional ways of growing and preserving food, building your own home, alternative energy, building furniture, sewing quilts, and more.

Book Review - The Weekend Homesteader
A review of the book The Weekend Homesteader by Anna Hess.

Book Review - The Joy of Hobby Farming
This is a review of the book, The Joy of Hobby Farming by Michael and Audrey Levatino.

Murray McMurray Hatchery Review - Baby Chicks from McMurray
A review of Murray McMurray hatchery chicks, one of the biggest hatcheries in the United States.

Book Review - Fairy Gardening
This is a review of a book called Fairy Gardening, which describes how to make adorable miniature gardens that feature fairy figurines.

Book Review - The Mini Farming Guide to Composting
A review of a book by Brett L. Markham, The Mini Farming Guide to Composting.

Book Review - Salad Bar Beef
Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin is a great primer for anyone who wants to raise beef and cows on pasture. Learn Salatin's production system so you can apply it on your own small farm, homestead or hobby farm.

Book Review - Keep Chickens
Keep Chickens! by Barbara Kilarski is a great how-to book for those new to raising chickens who want to keep their poultry in small, urban or suburban spaces.

Book Review - All Flesh Is Grass
All Flesh Is Grass is a great read about pasture-based farming practices and philosophies for the novice and experienced farmer alike.

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