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Glossary of Farming Terms

Don’t know a grain-fed steer from a grass-fed cow? Don’t worry! Just check this handy glossary for help deciphering common words you’ll hear used in farming circles or in one of my articles.

Definition of Brooder
What do people mean when they say you need a chick brooder for your new chicks?

Definition of Heirloom Vegetable
Heirloom what? Find out what it means when someone says they're growing an heirloom vegetable.

Definition of Heritage Livestock Breed
Learn all about heritage breeds, and what the difference is between heritage, heirloom and traditional breeds on the small farm, homestead, or hobby farm.

Definition of Pullet
What kind of chicken is a pullet, exactly?

Nest Box - Definition of Nest Box
Wondering what a nest box is? Wonder no more; here's an explanation.

Definition of Acre
Wondering just what an acre of land means, anyway?

Definition of Chicken Tractor
Just what is a chicken tractor, anyway? Is it a tractor? No, it's a type of movable chicken coop.

Definition of Cow
Just what do farmers mean when they say "cow"?

Definition of Organic
Organic, sustainable, beyond organic, humane? Confused? We'll sort it out.

Definition of Sustainable Agriculture
Definition of "sustainable agriculture." You may have heard this term and wondered exactly what it means.

Definition of Candling
Wondering what "candling" an egg means? Wonder no more.

Cover Crop
What is a cover crop? Why might you plant one?

Scoby - Definition of Scoby
What exactly is a scoby?

Kombucha - Definition of Kombucha
What exactly is kombucha or kombucha tea?

Double Digging - What Is Double Digging
Learn what double digging is and why you might want to use this method to improve the soil on your small farm, hobby farm or homestead.

Definition of Poult
What is a poult?

Definition of Hobby Farm
Learn what exactly a hobby farm is - and what it isn't.

Definition of Value-Added Product
Learn what a value-added product is when you're talking about a small farm situation.

Definition of Broiler
Learn what a broiler is and when to use this small farming term.

Definition of Pastured
Learn what "pastured" means.

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