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Woven Wire Fence on the Farm

Is Woven Wire Fencing Right for You?


Woven wire fencing is made of smooth wire horizontally, held together by vertical wires or "stays." The horizontal spacing is closer toward the bottom and wider at the top. It is held in place with wood posts or metal T-posts.

Woven wire fencing is ideal permanent fencing for goats, sheep, pigs and poultry. Because these animals can squeeze through larger-spaced wires, or dig under or climb over other fences, woven wire is often chosen to keep them contained. Some farmers use it for horses as well.

Suitable for:

  • goats
  • sheep
  • pigs
  • poultry
  • horses


  • highly visible
  • keeps dogs, raccoons, and other medium-sized predators out
  • fairly easy to install
  • can easily be made more robust by adding a "hot" (electrified) wire at the top or barbed wire or mesh at the bottom
  • can be used as a perimeter fence
  • long-lasting


  • requires tension adjustment
  • requires very sturdy posts
  • more expensive than some other types of fence
  • risk of entanglement

Maintenance Requirements:

Maintenance of woven wire includes adjusting tension (especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow) and mending breaks. Woven wire fencing has a lifespan of approximately 20 years with proper maintenance.

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