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Barns, Buildings and Fences

Wondering how to build a chicken coop? How to keep your goats from climbing on your car? Or how to create a system to water a massive vegetable garden? Grab a hammer and nails and let's get started.

Fence on the Farm - Types of Fencing
An overview of the types of fencing most commonly used on small farms today and why you'd choose a particular type of fence. Includes maintenance procedures for each option.

Tools for Fencing on the Farm
These are the basic tools you will need for putting up fencing on your small farm or homestead.

How to Choose a Chicken Coop: Before you Build or Buy a Chicken Coop
Ready to bring those baby chicks home, but need to build or buy them a chicken coop before they feather in? Never fear. I will help you figure out what you need to know so you can give your chicks a healthy, durable home.

Chicken Coop Requirements
Keep your chickens safe from predators like weasels, raccoons, and even neighborhood dogs, in a predator-proof chicken coop.

How to Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop
Keep your chickens safe from predators like weasels, raccoons, and even neighborhood dogs, in a predator-proof chicken coop.

How to Build a Raised Bed - Build and Fill a Raised Bed for Gardening
Learn, step by step, how to build a raised bed to grow plants in. Grow strawberries, tomatoes, or any vegetable in a raised bed. Excellent choice for urban homesteaders needing to conserve space.

How to Build or Buy a High Tunnel
A high tunnel, or unheated greenhouse, is a great way to expand your small farm to the shoulder seasons and to grow warm-climate crops such as tomatoes in northern climates. Learn why you might want to invest in a high tunnel and how to build or buy one.

Should I Build or Buy a High Tunnel?
Learn why you might, or might not, want to invest in a high tunnel - an unheated, plastic-covered space for growing vegetables and other small farm crops.

Top 10 Reasons to Use a High Tunnel or Hoop House
High tunnels can be a great additional tool for the small farmer. Learn the top ten reasons why a high tunnel might be right for your small farm.

How to Build a Root Cellar
Building a root cellar doesn't have to involve a backhoe. Learn some simple ways to store vegetables and crops for winter, and some guidelines for going big and digging one out of the earth.

About My Chicken Coop
Share how you built your coop - did you use plans? Buy a coop already built or assemble it yourself? And share a photo of it! See submissions

Poly Tape and Poly Wire Fencing
Electric tape or wire fencing, often called poly tape or poly wire, can be an effective temporary fencing solution for many animals on the farm.

Electric Net Fencing
Electric net fencing is a popular choice to keep poultry and sheep contained on the farm. Learn the pros and cons and decide for yourself whether electric net fencing is right for your management method.

High-Tensile Wire Fencing
High-tensile wire or woven wire fencing can be a low-cost, long-lasting fencing solution for the small farm or homestead. Especially suited to sheep and cattle, it is also useful for horses and goats.

Woven Wire Fencing
Learn about woven wire fencing, a good choice for many types of livestock on the small farm.

Barbed Wire Fencing
Learn about the pros and cons of barbed wire fencing on the small farm.

How to Build a Movable Chicken Coop or Chicken Tractor
Learn how to build a simple chicken tractor or movable coop for your laying hens' needs. What are the essential elements of a design?

How to Raise Pastured Poultry: Electronet and Chicken Tractors
Why keep your lovely hens confined to a coop and fixed run, when they can roam over fresh green grass and eat bugs and grubs to their hearts' content? Learn about the options for pasturing poultry, especially chickens, on the small farm or homestead.

Building a Hoop Coop for Pastured Poultry
Try building this chicken coop out of lightweight cattle panels instead of a more traditional chicken tractor.

Building a Small Chicken Coop
These do-it-yourself plans from Mother Earth News show you how to build a small, inexpensive chicken coop for three to four hens.

Construction of High Tensile Wire Fences
Learn the nitty-gritty of constructing a high-tensile wire fence - layout, materials, types of posts, and construction details.

How to Build a Chicken Coop - 150 Designs
With designs to fit every size need from small, medium, or large to chicken tractors, you're sure to find a winner among these links for photos and how-to plans for chicken coops.

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence
A review of the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence system, an underground electric dog fence that can keep your dog contained on up to 100 acres.

Top 10 Tips for Building a Chicken Coop
Considering building your own chicken coop? These tips will help you create a chicken coop that will last for many years and keep your laying hens safe and happy.

How to Winterize Farm Equipment
Learn how best to prepare your farm equipment - from weedwhackers to tillers to tractors - for the winter.

How to Choose a Spraying System on the Small Farm
Backpack or tractor-mounted spraying system? Which one is right for your small farm application? Learn about the options.

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