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Beekeeping Supplies

Everything You Need to Take Care of Bees


Beekeeping Supplies

Bees in a top-bar style hive.

Photo © Flickr user tastybit

Are you itching to get started keeping bees? If so, you'll want to know what exactly you need to get your beekeeping operation off the ground. The exact list of supplies you'll need will vary depending on the type of hive you choose, as well as your DIY skills and desire to save money. But the most basic list is here:

  • Beehive. You will need a beehive, either a Langstroth hive made up of boxes and frames, or a top-bar beehive.
  • Foundation. Foundation is what the bees will use to draw out comb, if you're using a foundation-based system.
  • Bees! You can order bees by mail or find some from a local beekeeper.
  • Protective gear. A full suit is recommended for Langstroth hives. You may be able to get away with less for a top-bar system.
  • Gloves. Simple latex dishwashing gloves can suffice. Many beekeepers learn to work without them, but they can be helpful for getting started.
  • Smoker. A smoker will calm the bees before you check on them or harvest honey.
  • Bee tools. A few basic hand tools for working with the bees.
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