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FAQs and Glossary

You've got questions, we've got answers. The glossary defines common and less common terms used in farming.
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How do I start a hobby farm?
Leann how to start your own hobby farm.

Are Eggs From Hens on Pasture More Nutritious?
You know the eggs from your grass-eating, pastured hens taste better, but are they really better for you than supermarket eggs?

I live in a city. Can I keep chickens?
Do you live in the city, suburbs or an urban area? Wondering if you can keep chickens, or have a rooster?

Do I Need a Small Farm Business Plan?
Wondering if you need to write a small farm business plan? Find out whether you do and if so, how to write one. Even if you don't have to write one, you'll learn why it might be a good idea to go through the business plan writing process.

How much wood is in a cord?
Do you heat with wood? Want to be clear how much wood you're really buying when you buy "a cord" of wood? I have the answer.

Is it safe to order baby chicks at an online hatchery?
Are you wondering if your precious new baby chicks will survive shipping from an online hatchery? I will address common concerns about shipping baby chicks.

Do I need a rooster for eggs?
I'll give you the scoop on roosters and hens. The short answer: you don't need a rooster for your hens to lay eggs. But, there's more to it than that.

What is homesteading?
Confused when people use the term "homesteading"? Does it mean farming? Raising animals? Growing acres of corn? Find out.

How do I start a small farm business?
How do I start a small farm business?

Definition of Pastured
Learn what "pastured" means.

Definition of Homesteading
What does it mean to homestead? What is homesteading? Find out the definition of this commonly-used term.

Definition of Laying Hen
What is a laying hen? Learn the definition.

Definition of Broody
What does it mean when a hen goes broody? What if anything can or should you do about it?

Definition of Jerusalem Artichokes
Just what does a Jerusalem artichoke have to do with Jerusalem or artichokes? And is a sunchoke the same thing?

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