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Everything You Need to Know to Start Farming


Always wanted to have a farm but didn't know where to begin? Or maybe you are dreaming of a move to the country in a few years and are learning all you can now. Here's where you can start. Master the basics - one decision at a time.
  1. Design Your Farm
  2. Your Farm Business
  3. Learn About Soil
  4. Grow Good Things

Design Your Farm

Farm scene

Scheme, dream, fantasize - then make it reality. Use these tools to jumpstart the process.

Your Farm Business

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Not content to have a few chickens for eggs, you're farming because you want to earn your living with your farm-based business.

Learn About Soil


Great soil is key to growing great veggies. Learn how to maximize what you have and how to improve what isn't there.

Grow Good Things


Learn the basics of growing vegetables and crops, and you're well on your way to getting your farm off the ground.

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