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Design and Plan

Learn how to design your small farm or homestead from the ground up. Make a plan for the first year and beyond, and find out how to take your plan from dream to reality.

How to Start a Small Farm
Is it time to make your dream a reality and start a small farm? These are the basic steps to follow to start farming, whether you're beginning this season or in five years.

How to Design a Small Farm
Dream big, then take it down to reality and implement your plan step by step. I'll help you decide what animals to keep, what crops and vegetables to plant, and how to arrange buildings and gardens. You'll learn how to assess your land and resources to find out what's realistic to accomplish with your small farm.

Should I Farm?
It's often the first question people ask when considering starting a farm. But how to begin to answer it? I'll give you somewhere to get started.

Set Goals for Your Small Farm or Homestead
Not sure if you're in this to create a market garden, if you're trying to become self-sufficient, or if you're simply hobby farming for pleasure? Ask yourself these essential questions and figure out your overarching goals for your small farm.

Plan the First Year on Your Small Farm
You know where you want to end up in one year, or five years - with a successful small farm. How do you get there? I'll help you take your dreams and make them reality.

How to Choose Animals and Crops to Raise on Your Farm
Pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, emu - it all seems overwhelming! How can you decide what you want to raise on your farm? I'll give you some ideas to get you thinking, researching, and ultimately, deciding on some animals and crops for your small farm or homestead.

Assess Your Land and Resources
One of the most important steps in designing your small farm or homestead is to have an understanding of the resources - land, buildings, time and money - that you may already have on hand. This process will help you in designing your farm.

How to Start a Small Farm Business
You may want to start a small farm business and be wondering where to begin. Let me guide you step by step through the process of starting your small farm business.

How to Evaluate a Hobby Farm
Learn how to evaluate a hobby farm for sale. Should you buy it?

What Animals Should I Raise?
If you're just starting your small farm or homestead, figure out what animal breeds - from chickens to goats - are a good fit for your goals and plans.

How to Plan a Farm and Garden to Feed a Family
Wondering how much to plant on your small farm to feed your family? Is 5 tomato plants enough, or would 15 be better? Get started planning your garden so that you have fresh, delicious produce for your family all year.

How to Choose a Chicken Coop: Before you Build or Buy a Chicken Coop
Ready to bring those baby chicks home, but need to build or buy them a chicken coop before they feather in? Never fear. I will help you figure out what you need to know so you can give your chicks a healthy, durable home.

Top 10 Tips for Starting Your Hobby Farm
These tips will get you started on your hobby farm.

How to Use Succession Planting on the Small Farm
Learn how to use succession planting on the small farm to maximize yield and grow more vegetables in less space.

How to Sell at the Farmers Market
Learn how to sell your small farm's produce, meat, eggs, dairy and poultry at the farmers market. What are the best strategies for success?

Plan a Fall Harvest
It's not too late to start planting new crops for harvest in the fall and early winter. And if you're using season extension methods, the bounty can extend well into the winter months.

Garden Design Basics
Don't know where to begin with your small farm kitchen garden? Begin here with helpful tips for good garden "bones" that will lead to great design and a productive garden.

Beginning Farmers - Farm Business Planning
Need help getting started with your farm business plan? You'll find advice, resources, free business plans, and more here.

Whole Farm Planning
This overview of whole farm planning focuses on sustainability, the "big picture," and the future viability of the farm.

Farm Planning and Recordkeeping
From the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Chatham County Center, this is a set of helpful tools, including spreadsheets to download, for planning and recordkeeping on the small farm.

Plan the Perfect Homestead
Still dreaming of moving back to the land? Get started on planning your homestead or small farm so you can make the move smoothly and know what you want. Start "homesteading where you are" before you move to the country.

Top 10 Tips for the Beginning Homesteader
Learn from those who have done it before and get some tips for starting your own homesteading adventure.

How to Start a Hobby Farm
Learn how to realize your dream of having your own hobby farm.

How to Become a Farm Caretaker
Farm caretakers live on a farm in exchange for watching over its operations. Learn whether farm caretaking is the right choice for you.

What Kind of Small Farm is Right for You
Hobby farm, homestead or business: which small farm type is right for you?

How to Buy a Hobby Farm
Learn what factors to consider when you buy your hobby farm.

Starting a Small Farm - Avoiding Burnout
Starting a farm is a major venture. Making sure you pace yourself can help you avoid burnout.

Long-Term Planning on the Small Farm
Planning doesn't stop after you get your farm launched. Learn some tips for keeping it manageable as you move through the seasons on your small farm, hobby farm, or homestead.

What is Permaculture?
Learn what permaculture is and some tips for beginning your own permaculture design on your small farm, homestead or hobby farm.

Taking Field Walks on the Small Farm
Field walks can be an important way to connect with and keep tabs on your small farm. Learn how and why to do field walks.

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for the Small Farmer
Need a little inspiration for your New Year's resolutions? These small farming, homesteading, and hobby farming related goals and resolutions will help.

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