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How to Make Elderberry Tincture


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Gather Your Tincture-Making Supplies
Elderberry tincture steeping.

Elderberry tincture steeping.

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You'll need a few things to make elderberry tincture. They are

  • Clean mason jars. Wide-mouth jars work best because they make it easier to get the berries into the jars, but use whatever you have. They don't even have to be proper mason/canning jars - anything with a tight-fitting lid will work. And it should be glass, not metal.
  • A source of elderberries. Fresh, local berries are best, but you can also order dried berries in bulk. If your berries are frozen, let them thaw and then continue with the instructions as written.
  • A fork. For removing the elderberries from the stems.
  • A bowl and a colander. To store and wash the elderberries.
  • 100-proof vodka. 100-proof vodka is typically used in tincture-making because it is 50% water and 50% alcohol, leading to a standard solution. You can use regular vodka or even brandy in a pinch though.
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