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Speckled Sussex Chicken - Breed Profile

Learn About Speckled Sussex


A Speckled Sussex hen.

A Speckled Sussex hen.

Photo © Lauren Ware

Breed Name



Large/heavy (7-8 lb).

Recognized Varieties

Speckled, Red, Light. Also bantam.


Common. Speckled Sussex most common.


Dual-purpose, eggs and meat.

History, Origins, and About the Breed

Sussex chickens are an English breed, and used to be the standard table bird before Cornish Crosses. They were developed in Sussex County, England, in the early 19th century. These birds are not prone to flying, so they are easy to fence. The speckled feathers can provide some camouflage - helpful for predators.


They are curious, friendly, and especially gentle. They tend to have more “personality” than some other breeds, according to owners. In fact, our favorite hen from our first batch is a Speckled Sussex who we aptly named Miss Friendly.

Climate Hardiness

Cold-hardy birds who lay well through the winter.


Can be broody.

Egg Production

Very good (around 4 eggs/week).

Egg Color

Light Brown

Egg Size


Comb Type

Single Comb

Feathered Legs


This Breed May Be Right For You If…

You have young children, because of their great personalities. Also good for places with colder winters. And if you want a bird that can serve as both egg-layer and meat provider, the Sussex is your hen.

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