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Plymouth Rock Chicken - Breed Profile

Learn About Plymouth Rocks


Barred Plymouth Rocks.

Barred Plymouth Rocks.

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Breed Name

Plymouth Rock


Large, heavy (7-8 lb).

Recognized Varieties

Barred, White Buff, Silver, Penciled, Partridge, Columbian, Blue, Black


Barred Rocks and White Rocks are common. All other varieties are rare.


Dual-purpose, meat and eggs.

History, Origins, and About the Breed

The Plymouth Rock chicken has a long history in the United States. Barred Plymouth Rocks were first shown at a poultry show in Boston in 1829. They have been called "America's Favorite Breed." Barred Rocks, as they're often called, have long been a favorite breed on small family farms, backyards and homesteads. They are the most common variety, although White Rocks are fairly common as well.


Plymouth Rocks have a docile, friendly nature and do well even when confined, although they will be happier if they can freely roam.

Climate Hardiness

These are winter-hardy birds.


They are good mothers, but not often broody.

Egg Production

Very good (around 4 eggs/week).

Egg Color


Egg Size


Comb Type

Single Comb

Feathered Legs


This Breed May Be Right For You If…

You are a homesteader or small-scale diversified farm, you have small children and want a friendly and docile breed, and/or you live somewhere with cold winters. If you want a dual-purpose breed for meat and eggs, Plymouth Rocks will serve you well.

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