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New Hampshire Red Chicken - Breed Profile

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A New Hampshire Red hen.

A New Hampshire Red hen.

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Breed Name

New Hampshire Red


Large/heavy (7-8 lb).

Recognized Varieties

Only come in Red, a reddish-brown color.




Dual-purpose, eggs and meat.

History, Origins, and About the Breed

New Hampshire Reds were originally derived from Rhode Island Reds, but are now so different that they are their own breed. Compared to Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds mature earlier, are faster to grow and feather out, and produce more meat and fewer eggs. This is a vigorous breed.


New Hampshire Reds can have varied personalities. Some can be aggressive as far as maintaining position in the pecking order, but they can also be calm, docile and curious. They are adaptable to confinement or free range.

Climate Hardiness

These are winter-hardy birds.


Occasionally broody, and make good mothers.

Egg Production

Good (around 3 eggs/week).

Egg Color


Egg Size


Comb Type

Single Comb

Feathered Legs


This Breed May Be Right For You If…

You want an egg-layer that produces more meat than most. If you want an early-maturing, particularly hardy dual-purpose bird.

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