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Rhode Island Red Chicken - Breed Profile

Learn About Rhode Island Reds


A Rhode Island Red hen.

A Rhode Island Red hen.

Photo © Lauren Ware

Breed Name

Rhode Island


Large/heavy (7-8 lb).

Recognized Varieties

Red, White





History, Origins, and About the Breed

Rhode Island Reds are more common than Rhode Island Whites. The breed was developed in the state of Rhode Island in the 19th century. They are the official Rhode Island state bird! They were extremely popular in the US in generations past for their prolific egg-laying and all-around hardiness, and are still champion egg-layers.


Active, yet also somewhat docile and calm. Roosters are known to be on the aggressive side. Rhode Island Reds work well for confinement or free range.

Climate Hardiness

Very robust, hardy in both heat and cold. Combs are vulnerable to frostbite.


Not prone to broodiness.

Egg Production

Prolific! Truly one of, if not the, top heavy breed, brown egg producer. Production at around 5 eggs/week.

Egg Color

Rich Brown

Egg Size

Extra Large

Comb Type

Large, single, or rose combs.

Feathered Legs


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