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Bees are for sale many places online. Ordering bees is the last-but-not-least step when it comes to starting a beekeeping operation. You can order package bees or nucs from many places online, but you can also check with your local beekeeping association. Sometimes it is easier and less expensive to get your bees locally!

Order your bees in the winter for shipment in April or May. Sometimes package bees sell out, so order early!

This is a list of online bee suppliers. Many also have bees available for pickup. There are many more suppliers who have websites, but often they only sell bees to be picked up locally.

Draper’s Super Bee Apiaries Inc.

Photo © Draper’s Super Bee Apiaries Inc.

Draper's is located in Pennsylvania, and sells package bees and queens as well as a selection of beekeeping supplies. They sometimes have nucs available for pickup only. They offer Italian, Italian/Russian, Carniolan, and Minnesota Hygienic/Carniolan bees.

Kelley Bees

Photo © Kelley Bees

Kelley Bees, located in Kentucky, sells Italian and Russian package bees and beekeeping supplies such as frames, hive kits, protective clothing, traps and lures and extraction supplies.

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

Photo © Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms is in Illinois, and sells nucs as well as package bees. They also offer bees as part of their beginner beekeeping kits. Supplies include hives, tools and smokers, protective clothing, queen-rearing equipment, and honey extraction equipment.

Rossman Apiaries Inc.

Photo © Rossman Apiaries Inc.

Rossman Apiaries in Georgia sells package bees, queens, and beekeeping supplies and equipment including hives made of cypress wood. They offer supplements, feeding supplies, tools and smokers, and beekeeping books.

BeeWeaver Apiaries

BeeWeaver logo.
Photo © BeeWeaver Apiaries

BeeWeaver sells package bees, queens, and breeder queens for the beekeeper who wants to raise his or her own queens. They are located in Austin, Texas, but do ship all over the United States. Their BeeWeaver queens are a combination of Buckfast, BeeSMaRT and AllStar lines and are bred to be resistant to varroa and to have high honey production and produce strong colonies.

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