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Start Your Langstroth Hive


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The beehive is made up of multiple components. You can use a Langstroth or a top-bar bee hive, as well as several other configurations. This article addresses the components of a Langstroth beehive.

For a standard Langstroth hive, you will have the following parts:

Bottom Board

The bottom board is the very bottom part of a Langstroth hive. It is often placed on a hive stand with a ramp leading up to the entrance, or on a pallet or other way to elevate the hive 5 to 6 inches off the ground.

The bottom board is made up of a wooden frame with a screen attached to it. It also has a small opening or entrance in part of the wood frame.

Hive Body

The hive body is also called the deep hive body, the deep super, the deep, or the hive chamber.

In most climates, you will need two deep hive bodies on your bee hive.

Bees live and raise their young in the deep hive bodies, and here is where the bees will store honey and pollen. The queen lays her eggs in the deep hive bodies as well.

There are frames within the deep hive body and on each frame is foundation.


Frames are usually made of wood. The frames in a beehive hold the foundation, the base on which the bees will make their honey.


The foundation is what the bees use to draw out comb and make honey. Foundation can be made of plastic or natural beeswax. Each has its pros and cons. Find out what beekeepers in your area are having success with, or experiment yourself.

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